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Why Consider Medical Coding & Billing Training During COVID-19

Sherrie Anderson: Medical Billing, Coding & Training Expert
Every medical team needs billing & coding

Sherrie Anderson has been working in the medical coding and billing industry since 2007 and since 2013, has made it her personal mission to help others secure certification in the industry.

Sherrie Anderson: Medical Billing, Coding & Training Expert
Sherrie Anderson

For those who have lost jobs and careers as a result of COVID-19, getting into the medical field seems like a logical choice for some.

When Anderson first started out, she recalled that she really did not have the support and resources she needed and had to learn the trade on her own before getting certified.

Since then, she has worked as a trainer, providing guidance, support and assistance to those wanting to make a career in the booming healthcare industry.

"It's just a 3 month course," Anderson tells us. "For those who don't want to spend 4 years at a University but still want to work in the medical field, this is a good option."

Business Number: 314-660-8358


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