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White House implements new guest restrictions amid coronavirus concerns

White House implements new guest restrictions amid coronavirus concerns

The White House is giving renewed attention to workplace health safety standards amid increasing concerns over the coronavirus and effective immediately are implementing enhanced procedures to avoid disrupting daily operations.

Some of the procedures include sick leave policies, cleaning high-traffic areas and training staff on best sanitation methods.

They are also requesting staff to take into account Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel advisories before bringing guests into the White House complex.

This would require prospective guests to disclose the countries they’ve visited in the last 30 days.

The White House Complex has will continue to reassess circumstances and adopt new processes and safe practices in line with evolving [federal agency] guidance to include: educating staff on hygiene best practices, existing sick day & telework policies, increased cleaning routines for high-traffic areas, and asking staff to be alert to the CDC & DoS’ (Department of State) current set of international health & travel advisories when scheduling meetings or travel, and inviting people onto the complex," according to a spokesperson.


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