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Taylor Swift joins Lionel Richie, and Bruno Mars With 4 or More Grammy Nods for Song of the Year

Taylor Swift joins a list of 13 songwriters who have been nominated for song of the year at least four times and Billboard released to the full list!

This year at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift e received three nominations and was nominated again for song of the year for "Lover."

This makes it Taylor Swifts fourth time being nominated for song of the year, and she joins the list of 13 songwriters who have also achieved such success according to Billboard.

Here is their list!

Lionel Richie ( 6 Nominations)

Paul McCartney ( 6Nominations)

Burt Bacharach ( 5 Nominations)

John Lennon ( 5 Nominations)

Alan & Marilyn Bergman ( 4 Nominations)

Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Heusen ( 4 Nominations)

Will Jennings ( 4 Nominations)

Billy Joel ( 4 Nominations)

Bruno Mars & Philip Lawrence ( 4 Nominations)

Max Martin ( 4 Nominations)

Sting ( 4 Nominations)

Taylor Swift ( 4 Nominations)

U2 ( 4 Nominations)


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