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San Diego man selling lucrative business to open soup kitchen

While it is most people's dream to own a successful business, one man is trading it all in to open a soup kitchen for needing families.

Marvin Lopez has made an honest living for since 1999, shipping freight for over 2500 regular customers through his company Air Transport Shipment Delivery (ATST).

In an utter act of extreme human kindness, Lopez decided to sell his company so that he can open up a soup kitchen for needing families in the San Diego area.

"The real important things that you can give a human being is a warm mean," Lopez tells Legend Magazine. He continues, " He may not have a fancy car, but you can give him a warm meal."

Lopez actually owns two very successful companies and is looking for buyers so that he devote all his energies and time on building a soup kitchen.

If you would like to support Lopez, he has launched a GoFundMe and is looking to secure 25,000 and combine that with money saved and hopefully money earned from the sale of his companies, to build his soup kitchen.

And for anyone interested in purchasing one of his businesses, he can be reached by e-mail at or called at 213 425.5323.


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