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Man kills woman and two children at Minnesota home before taking his own life

David Schladetzky committed suicide after murdering his ex-wife Kjersten Schladetzky and two children at a home in Minnesota on Sunday in what authorities called a "domestic" incident.

The two pre-teen boys, David William Schladetzky, 11, and Nelson Schladetzky, 8, were struck by gunfire outside a home south of central Minneapolis, were retrieved by officers after being shot outside the home.

According to OXYGEN, Erik Wiltscheck, 51, who lives next door, told how he watched the children’s father “hovered over” the two injured boys on the front lawn with his gun-in-hand.

“He looked at me, and just looked down at his kid, and he shot him in the throat, and chest area and shot his other kid one more time,” Wiltscheck related to

The children were declared dead inside the officers' squad cars.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the scene, and officers entered the home at 2 p.m., after they were unsuccessful at reaching the David.

Both the David and Kjersten Schladetzky had been fatally shot.


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