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Helping businesses qualify for loans during COVID-19

For many families and business owners right now, finances are tight and saving has become a fundamental issue. Many are finding themselves with little to no work and even talking about their financial situation prompts stress.

This is one reason why Markeisha Logan has made it her personal mission to help as many families and businesses as possible through strategic planning.

Markeisha Logan - The Accounting Queen
Markeisha Logan

Since 2014, Logan, also known as the Accounting Queen, has helped position individuals and businesses to better financial positions by understanding their financial needs and capitalizing on key tax benefits.

What perhaps is most appealing about her services is that she helps business owners apply for business grants and loans. While many small business owners were denied COVID-19 loans and grants for businesses, Logan was able to help owners qualify!

Although finances are tight for many families and business owners right now, it's nice to know that there are still people out there working diligently on their behalf to help them prepare for a successful 2021!

Instagram: @theaccountingqueen


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