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Golf Pro Rory McIlroy is a Domino's Pizza lover

Golf star Rory McIlroy is known for being very health conscious and that's probably why fans love the exchange between him and Justin Thomas during Tuesday's Payne Valley Cup.

The hot mics picked up one of most "normal" and realest conversations two guys can have about the food they all seem to love. Pizza!

The conversation went like this!

Thomas: “New York pizza, man.”

Rory: “I’ll tell you what, we’re on this big Domino’s kick recently. It’s so good. If you don’t know what the really good local pizza place is, Domino’s is like, solid.”

Thomas: “You know what you’re going to get. Do you guys get the same pizza or change it up?”

Rory: “I get the same. I get the deluxe, but I go with extra sausage, extra whatever.”


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