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Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie, RN, DNP, who’s an African princess living in the diaspora, would no doubt be amongst the list of extraordinary women who have graced this earth. Dr. Fumi has touch lives in several ways, ranging from her amazing books, her lifestyle, her philanthropic works in Africa, her talk shows, to mention a few. She is a bestselling author, a NAFCA African Oscar and Indiefest Film Award Winner, an African Heritage Leadership Recipient, a TV personality, an international transformation interventionist and philanthropist, Psych-mental health nurse practitioner, TEDxTalk international speaker, the president of Princess of Suburbia (which is currently aired on ROKU and Comcast, Michigan), etc.

The impressive professional career of Princess Fumi has spanned nursing, women’s and behavioral health care, organizational leadership, communications, writing best-selling novels and award-winning screenplays, film production, ghostwriting autobiographies, transformational life coaching, and mentoring. Her entire life is a source of inspiration to not just women whose dreams have been suppressed by the norms of our society and gender inequality, but also everyone who wish to follow her footsteps.

While some people call her a social changer; others refer to her as a transformation catalyst whose aim is to extend the hand and heart of social justice. Due to her wordsmith prowess, and given the fact that she is a bestselling author, people also regard her as a story weaver who aims to merge the gap between Africa and America.

Dr. Hancock’s love for the literary arts and behavioral health sciences has forced her to strike an equilibrium between the two disciplines, via her TV/ radio shows, documentaries, feature films, books, including her wellness presentations. Presently, the well-known writer has about 24 books to her credit, with four of those 24 books becoming bestsellers. The Nigerian princess is indeed in love with her pen as she plans on releasing other books regarding personal and success development. Vision Torch, which was recently written by this bestselling author, has gained prominence in several organizations, ministries, and colleges, including countries such as the USA, Pakistan, etc.

When Dr. Hancock isn’t scribbling down an idea on a book or making movies, she is an in-demand international public speaker, (indoctrinated into the National speakers Bureau-USA), with appealing topics in fields such as health, wellness, self-help development, personal growth, and success. For two years, Princess Fumi worked as a columnist at The New American Times, Tennessee, where she wrote an article on "Mental Health in the Media," which has been featured in several newspapers like the Tennessean Tribune, the Tennessean, etc.

Aside from being blessed with a supportive husband and four grown children, one of her greatest achievements is her philanthropic work in Africa ( The Princess of Suburbia foundation). Here is a woman who aims to make the world a better place by inspiring, motivating, empowering, and equipping others, by helping them to heal from past traumas, get on track with their true calling, and live a life of fulfillment.


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